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Hamptons Hedges: Creating the Perfect Backyard Paradise

It can be a daunting task to entrust someone to create a backyard paradise for you. How can you find someone reliable, reasonably priced that can deliver on time and exceed your expectations? The lifeblood of any superior business is referrals. Nothing beats a firsthand, front row seat to a friend’s gorgeous outdoor kitchen, fireplace, negative edge pool, and amazing landscape (and they whisper to you: Who helped create their beautiful setting?).

For those not fortunate enough to have the recommendation of a trusted friend; research and instincts are essential. Three interviews and/or proposals has become the standard when choosing someone to work at your home. Viewing the landscape designer/contractor’s web site, brochure, and presentation are crucial elements.

The Russian proverb that became a signature phrase of President Reagan, “doveryai no proveryai” (trust, but verify) would be wise as you check references. For me, I often override “trust, but verify” and go with “trust and instincts”. Websites, Facebook, Instagram, and brochures, have their place, and can be a component of an informed decision. However, most of PC Complete clients come through either recommendations or a meeting of the hearts and minds. My advice to you is to find a designer/builder that can share your vision and share your passion. Seek out someone who loves their work and is as inspired by your future summers’ satisfaction as if it were his/her own.

It pays to do your homework and fine someone who is perfect (for you) in every way.