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Hamptons Holiday Rush: The Summer Season

Retailers from Target to Tiffany’s prepare for Black Friday. UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon systemically prepare for the seasonal holiday rush. Amazingly enough, Fed Ex and UPS deliver nearly 6.5 billion packages per year. The Hamptons holiday rush is far different. Choosing the proper contractor to prepare your home for Memorial Day is actually slightly more daunting than delivering 6.5 billion packages.

Luxury homeowners in the Hamptons and the North Fork spend millions of dollars for their homes. The pool must be built, the outdoor fireplace ready, the kitchen redone, and the outdoor kitchen fully functional. It’s the Super Bowl for those of us in the business. For East End businesses, Super Bowl Friday is the Friday before Memorial Day.

Preparing for the big day begins months, if not an entire year or more, ahead of time. In all honesty, it takes years of experience to get it right. I’ve spoken to family, friends, and future clients about the importance of meeting deadlines and how it is done. It all begins and ends with honesty.

Professionals know how long it takes to meet with a client, create a shared vision, agree on budget, apply and receive the permit (or variance or letter of non jurisdiction), build the patio, construct the outdoor fireplace, get the outdoor kitchen just right, and plant around the area to make everything perfect.

Once you’re honest with yourself about the timing of the process, you must be honest with the client. Top contractors will work tirelessly to ensure the finest quality on-time and on-budget. The best of the best will also know that the projected time lime needs to account for certain delays; foreseen and unforeseen.

Outdoor living is why we all enjoy our area. From Memorial Day to Labor Day is an extraordinary time. Seek out a landscape designer and contractor that can truly understand the value of those special days and nights.

In the Hamptons and on the North Fork, contractors have one thing in common with Fed Ex and UPS. Every single job is the Super Bowl for us. Every project; even if there are six and a half billion, is the most important project of the season.