Swimming Pool Construction Industry Keeps Afloat With Real Estate Market

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Swimming Pool Construction Industry Keeps Afloat With Real Estate Market

The swimming pool construction industry is thriving in the Hamptons and on the North Fork, in much the same way as real estate market. However, nationwide there is an active debate regarding the value of a home with a swimming pool as opposed to a home without a pool. Is the value increased? Decreased? Does it pay to renovate an existing swimming pool?

National studies, trends and predictions do not necessarily apply to affluent areas of our community. In the estate sections of the Hamptons, the value of homes and their swimming pools are married in a way that is not common in other parts of the country. One primary difference is that an estate home in our area demands a pool of a specific caliber.

Only a select few Northeast swimming pool construction companies are qualified to build or renovate the finest pools in the world. The proper training, experience and certifications can be found in precious few Long Island firms. Many landscape design/build firms and real estate professionals find these companies and foster a relationship that benefits their clients. A “go-to” pool company, also known as a “pool partner,” has become an essential tool.

A competitive advantage of top real estate professional often comes down to their team of essential resources. Finding the resource of an elite pool partner requires research. The best pool companies have been in business for many years, with experienced owners with tenure of 20 to 30 years in the industry. These pool professionals have stood the test of time and have a track record that can be researched. The elite pool firm may have a strong resume that includes membership in the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals), National Association of Home Builders, or area Chambers of Commerce. They must also have mastered energy efficiency and employ the latest swimming pool technology. The use of this technology requires that your go-to pool company possess detailed knowledge in the fields of pool safety, energy efficiency and water purification. They must also may provide referrals from the finest home builders and top architects. Their portfolio must be strong and include a large gallery of magnificent pools they have built.

A recent article on Zillow.com entitled “The Ten Most Tantalizing Indoor Pools” chronicles a market we know very well. The top 10 list clearly illustrates the importance of the go-to swimming pool company. The types of pools analyzed are pools that are similar to pools built by a few elite Long Island swimming pool builders. The marketability of homes with high-end pools is consistent with the philosophy of increased value and a unique appeal that sets the high-end home apart from the competition. Imagine the homes mentioned in the Zillow article without a swimming pool or with a pool in disrepair?

Our economy provides opportunity to thrive. The best brokers and landscape professionals partner with go-to professionals. These high end pool builders provide a significant edge in a most competitive market, an edge that every homeowner deserves.